Kitchen remodeling

with personal sensitivity in mind

The thought of remodeling a kitchen brings much excitement. Kitchens are one of the most utilized spaces in our homes where we prepare meals for family and friends and where we most often gather to entertain. But the most efficient kitchen is one that reflects how you personally perform in your kitchen each day – one that incorporates your specific requirements for storage, preparation, eating and cleaning. We use an intuitive process to bring all the essential elements of a kitchen design together so that your kitchen is not only aesthetically inspiring, but is extremely functional as well.

"My kitchen is not only more functional but a work of art."

Celestine | Claremont

Mid Century Ranch Kitchen

Mid Century Ranch Kitchen

Traditional Craftsmen Kitchen

Traditional Craftsmen Kitchen

Tudor Kitchen remodel

Tudor Kitchen remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Colorful Modern Kitchen Remodel

Colorful Modern Kitchen Remodel


Our Approach

We urge our clients to consider the following five important planning questions:

After listening carefully and understanding your needs we start the research phase of a Kitchen remodel. The following elements need to be decided upon before final layout planning is completed.

  • How many chefs or cooks typically work in the kitchen?

    • This is important for circulation and flow.

  • What is the cooking style you most use?

    • This plays a large role in appliance and circulation decisions.

  • Who else hangs out in the kitchen, and what do they do there?

    • An important question for space planning.

  • How important to you is easy cleanup?

    • Your answer to this question will help define surface materials, storage, and choices in appliances related to clean-up.

  • What would be a dream element for you in your new kitchen?

    • Since you will be making a significant investment in your remodel, we want to make sure to accommodate your dream.


Eleven Important elements of a kitchen remodel

We are passionate about kitchen design because your kitchen is a key space that impacts the feel of your home and expression of your own personal style. There are an overwhelming number of large and small decisions to make when planning a kitchen remodel and all of those decisions play a role in the outcome of a cohesive design. Below are eleven important elements to consider when designing your kitchen remodel. 

  • Appliances

  • Lighting

  • Cabinetry

  • Counter tops

  • Fixtures

  • Back Splashes

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

  • Cabinetry

  • Counter tops

  • Fixtures

  • Back Splashes



Kitchen appliances consume a large part of the budget in your kitchen remodel and you will to choose appliances that will reflect your cooking requirements and entertaining style.



No kitchen remodel is complete without updated lighting. Lighting is broken down into several categories such as general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. General lighting can be accomplished with a combination of surface mount fixtures and recessed LED lights. Task lighting is accomplished with a combination of under cabinet lighting, appliance lights (like in a hood) and recessed lights. Accent lighting can complement general and task lighting, but is also used to create mood and caricature in your kitchen.



Oftentimes the need to update kitchen cabinetry is the driving force behind the decision to remodel. Making the right choices for your cabinetry will affect  price and quality, and using high quality and sustainable materials and well thought out construction is paramount for your kitchen’s longevity in both style and durability. There are an unlimited number of cabinetry styles, material and construction options available, and we will help guide you through each decision. When choosing from the simplest European flat panel design to intricate hand-carved cabinetry that reflects old world charm, you will set the stage for the general feel of your kitchen. Should you want to incorporate glass in some doors for display, you will have several options from complex lead glass to clear inserts. Since your kitchen cabinets are one of the most heavily used surfaces in your home, you will want to consider a finish that will protect your cabinetry. If you are planning on a painted finish, careful preparation and proper painting techniques are required for the longevity of the finish. If you prefer a natural wood finish, choose a wood species that has the desired color and grain; we always recommend using a hand rubbed oil finish that will allow the character and depth of the wood to shine through, as opposed to a stain or varnish. And last but not least, we help you choose the perfect hardware to accent your new cabinetry. 



Counter tops

One of the most important elements of a kitchen is a durable, efficient and attractive counter-top. There is an endless variety of material on the market from which to choose – from natural to man-made. We will help you choose the perfect counter top to match your lifestyle and the design of your kitchen.



With a dizzying array of kitchen fixtures to choose from, we help narrow the field to find high quality, functional fixtures that accentuate your overall kitchen design and maximize efficiency.


Back Splashes

The back splash is a great place to showcase your style and creativity. With innovative designs and skillful execution, we achieve a back splash that conveys your unique style.



With the huge variety of modern floor finishes from which to choose, from cork to solid wood, to tile and marmoleum, we help you find the perfect floor that will be both timeless and durable. 


Natural Light

Light is an important aspect of any living space, and a kitchen provides a space for creativity when it comes to light. From under-cabinet lighting to skylights – we will work with you to strike the perfect balance of natural and artificial light for your kitchen. 

Finish Carpentry

Our craftsmen utilize precision industry-leading woodworking tools to produce trim and casework with unparalleled attention to detail. We also utilize revolutionary layout tools like rotary lasers and digital range-finders to ensure accuracy.